Electronics Recycling: A Quick Guide

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Recycle or Not To Recycle? That is The Question


Christmas is around the corner. You've been good, and are expecting Santa to leave you a new 15" Macbook Pro underneath the Christmas tree. You may consider taking your old laptop down to your local recycling center....WAIT.....before you recycle, take a second, and ask yourself, can it be reused.


Think Before You Recycle

Before taking your old compute or TV to be recycled, ask yourself, is it still working? If it is, consider donating it to a local charity or non-profit such as The Goodwill, Salvation Army, or World Computer Exchange.

You could also profit from it yourself utilizing websites like eBay and Craigslists, or apps like Offerup or Letgo. The extra cash could help you buy a protective case or accessories.

What we are trying to say here is, you should always consider reuse before recycling. You have to keep in mind, that putting a laptop back in to use, requires less resources, then if you were to have it recycled and re-manufactured.

When Should I Consider Recycling


old tv recycling

That laptop that you have had since freshman year of high school ( back in 2002.  Or your first generation iPad that is held together with glue and tape...Recycle them.

In some cases our electronics become either obsolete or the repair costs is much higher than its value. In these situations, recycling should be your preferred method of choice. If you are in Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire you can find electronics recycling facilities in your area at RecyclingWorks MA. You can search by zip code and type of material that you want to recycle.


When it comes to electronics, Innova Recycling has a solutions for you. Visit us at www.innovarecycling.com


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