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Recycling Programs For All Businesses

Innova understands that in today’s world, technology is advancing at an exponential rate, requiring businesses to constantly upgrade in order to maintain their competitive advantage. Anytime data containing equipment is replaced, there becomes a security risk, whether it is intellectual property or client’s personal information.

Innova can provide a  solutions for all recycling and data destruction needs.  From Chain-of-Custody documentation, serialized Certificates of Destruction, and asset tracking reports,  Innova provides you with a environmentally sound liability defense.

Our Recycling Program offers solutions for IT equipment such as computers, laptops, servers, LCD monitors, and computer peripherals as well as medical & lab equipment, and consumer electronics. 

All materials are processed in a manner that is complaint with state and federal regulations. We follow a zero waste policy when dealing with end-of-life electronics, and we guarantee materials are not being sent to landfills or exported to countries with lax environmental laws. 

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