Data Destruction

Data Destruction

Innova Recycling understands that there is a constant threat to data security for businesses of all sizes and industries. Innova can assist in securing and destroying the data on your end-of-life electronics. 

We offer a secure, safe, and custom designed program when handling the disposition of your hard drives and other media devices. Depending on your industry, whether it is healthcare, education, finance, or a small business, our solutions will meet any internal management requirements or industry standard regulations such as HIPAA, RCRA, and others.  

We provide Certificates of Destruction, as well as Serialized CODs on all processed equipment. Our facility is monitored with 24 hr surveillance, and your media devices will be handled in a track-able manner through our Chain-of-Custody documentation. 


Clients have the option to choose between physical destruction (shred) or computerized sanitization.  Both methods effectively destroy any information that your media device contains.  



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Destruction Options Available For

Hard Drives

hard drive data destruction


IDE, SATA, & SSD Hard Drives

Media Tapes

LTO and back up media tape destruction





Back Up Media, Reels, LTO, & Other Tapes

Other Data Devices

flash drive and other media device destruction





Flash Drives, SD Cards, & More

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