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Electronics Recycling Events and Fundraisers


Innova Recycling offers a simple and effective way to manage an electronics recycling event or fundraiser. We can provide the trucking, storage and transportation equipment, and marketing materials to run a successful recycling event. You simply secure a location and spread the word. 

The most critical aspect of running a successful recycling event is spreading the word. With years of experience, we can advise you on the most effective methods based on your location and desired goals. 

Whether you are raising money for  a school trip, boy scout troop, or non-profit organization, we can help you achieve your goals, while having a little fun along the way. 

For business parks, property management groups, or big businesses, who simply want to provide people with an opportunity to get rid of their old electronics, Innova's Recycling Events are a great way to provide their members with a hassle free way to do so. 


Types Of Recycling Events & Fundraisers

Recycling Events

Events for municipalities, local business parks, and independent groups.

Recycling Fundraisers

Raise money for charities, non-profits, school trips, etc.

Mobile Device Buy Back

Organize a Buy-Back Program for laptops, phones, & tablets. Can function as a fundraiser.

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