Innova Recycling: An Emerging Recycler

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A little about us...


Innova Recycling was founded by Peter El-Hashem in December of 2016.  We are a full service provider of electronics recycling, asset recovery, and data destruction services.  The mission of Innova is to provide clients with more tailored programs that improve the accessibility, efficiency, and track-ability, while improving their bottom line. 

We plan on reaching these goals through custom tailored programs that meet the specific needs of each client.  Combine these tailored programs with Account Executives that provide constant feedback and communication, and the end result will be a program that adapts and grows. 


Innova Recycling: Our Plans for 2017

As of December 1st 2016, our Methuen, MA facility is up and running. We are able to provide transportation services, a wide range of electronics, asset recovery, and data destruction services. 

innova recycling's 2017 growth plan

We are not simply stopping there. We plan on adding resources to our website to help better serve clients. These include downloadable guides for helping your team properly manage their waste stream and downloadable labels and sticker for proper labeling. We will be adding products to our website that will improve security and efficiency such as secure hard drive totes,  ewaste storage and transportation containers, and recycling bins which can be placed around your office or campus.  

We also have a few surprises up our sleeves that we will share with you down the road. 


Your Feedback Is Very Important To Us


Here at Innova Recycling, we believe the only way to improve sustainable solutions is by working with the individual consumers and businesses that utilize these services. Whether you are a major hospital, local high school,  or municipality, your opinion is important to use. Through your feedback, we are able to grow and improve at a much faster rate. If you have any ideas or suggestions, contact us by phone or email. 


If you would like to contact us directly click here.




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