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Where To Recycle Electronics: A Guide For NH and MA Residents


Where to recycle electronics blog post

Like many of us, you have a pile of old electronics tucked away in the basement, the attic, or in the back of an unused closet. Well we have some news for you; you are not alone. From our experience it seems like the most common reasons are, the electronics have been forgotten about, they are too heavy to move, or individuals do not know exactly where they can take their old electronic waste to be properly recycled.

Our hopes in writing this are to remind you about those pesky unwanted gadgets and to provide you with the resources to help you find a reputable facility to recycle your old electronics.


Where To Recycle Electronics: Find a Processor Near You

Below are a few resources that can help you find an electronics recycling facility that is local to you.


RecycleingWorksMA - A helpful tool that can help you find local recycling facilities. Filter by material, zip code, and services.

Massachusetts Energy & Environmental Affairs -  Official government website of the Executive Office of Environmental affairs. Provides infomation on electronics recycling, charitable organizations, mail-in-programs, and drop off centers throughout Massachusetts.

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Affairs - A helpful list of charitable organizations and recycling facilities located throughout the state of New Hampshire

Innova Recycling - Our recycling facility, based out of Methuen, MA. We provide electronics recycling services to businesses and residents. We are open for customer drop offs Monday - Friday as well as 9 AM - 1 PM on Saturdays. Visit our "Recycling Center" webpage for additional information.


Common Issues For Residents

Once you have found a local recycling facility, there are a few obstacles that individual residents deal with; recycling facilities close before they are out of work or school; recycling facilities are usually not open on the weekends. Their local DPW does not offer electronics recycling.


How Can Innova Help

How can Innova Recycling help? Simple, we will be open until 4 PM on weekdays. Furthermore, we will be open every Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM. Visit our website or call (978)-764-0543 for additional information.




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